Accommodations, a Short Prose

Learned something from his last relationship, so he won’t make that SAME mistake again!  Translated…

He and she shared a bowl of shaved ice, they were able to pick a total of four items, they both picked two.  Although they’d not talked about it before, but, they’d selected the food items that one another hated.

But later on as they moved in together, this sort of understanding went missing; he’d always repeated the actions that ticked her off, and she’d kept reminded him of the past memories he’d not wanted recollections over.

And, the result of not being able to come to an understanding, breaking up was, the only viable option.

On this day, he’d taken his new girlfriend, walked into that same shaved ice shop, he’d mentioned to her, “let’s order our own separate plates, because what I liked, you don’t.”

So, this man had learned something from his past relationship, and, he failed to realize, that the things that he loved, which his current girlfriend (the second one???) hated may become the cause of their breaking up in the futures, because he still had a LOT to learn about love, oh, and he lacked the foresight too!









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