His Unforgettable First Love, Those Memories of His Youth

Letting that chance of reconnecting with his first love slip on by, and now, he’s left with, NOTHING but regrets, translated…

My dear, old dad in his seventies had always been quite shy, in singing aloud, and yet, recently, he’d sung “My Unforgettable First Love” performed by Teresa Teng a lot.  And I couldn’t help, but guessed at, if he was, remembering my mother who’d passed away, or, he was, recalling a part of his own younger years……

I didn’t feel right asking him outright, but maybe, the alcohol has a way, of helping the truth come out, late one evening, I’d had a few drinks with dad, he’d started telling me of the first love he’d had, that mom doesn’t even know about.

七十多歲的老爸一向怯展歌喉,最近竟頻頻唱起鄧麗君那首〈難忘的初戀情人〉,我忍不住...art from the newspapers…

Dad told me, when he was younger, he was introduced to go on a date with a girl from a single-parent family, she was an only child, and, on the verge of talking about marrying, the woman asked him to become her mother’s son-in-law by adoption.  “Back then, there’s this saying of ‘rather not marry, than to marry into a woman’s family’ this sort of a belief, plus, your grandparents were completely against this, and told me, to give up on this marriage………”, he didn’t have the courage to tell the woman face-ot-face, he’d returned the love letters she’d mailed to him quietly, avoided seeing her again, and thus, severed off contacts with her.

After mom passed, my dad would visit the places where he and her used to visit to live in the memories.  In the past, they’d gone to Ximenting to watch the movies often, then, he’d taken his slow stroll to the February 28th Memorial Park.  “As we got tired of walking, we’d sat on the seventh step of the museums, because seven was our lucky number, we were, both, born in the month of July, met one another in July also………”

At the start of autumn last year, my dad heard that after his first love’s husband died, she’d moved up north, feeling that he’d owed her for over half a century, he’d wanted to get in contact with her, but never worked up the courage.  A few months ago, as the weather was still quite cold, my dad walked past the steps of the museums, and, found that on the seventh step, sat an elderly woman who looked familiar.  “I’d wanted to go up to her and ask, but, I was uncertain, that my eyes may have, played tricks on me; the very next day, I’d taken the papers there, to pretend I was reading it there, and, she showed up, sat in that spot, I believed it to be her, I’m more than certain.”

memories of a first love 的圖片結果like this, maybe???  Not my anime…

My dad was now, with a mixture of feelings, thought hard, about how he should, profess to her, before making a recognition, but, as he was hesitating, the elderly woman stopped showing up.  “I’d waited there for a month, no sign of her, I’d guessed, that she wasn’t well, after six months, I’d guessed that she’d given up hopes on finding me again………”, I’d felt bad seeing my dad red in the eyes, I’d quickly consoled with him, “She was waiting there for you, it’d showed how she held no regrets, thanking you for being a part of her younger years!”

Dad didn’t say a word, just hummed low, “Is it our love wasn’t deep enough, or that our affinity wasn’t strong enough?  My unforgettable first love………”

So, this still showed, that you may only get just that ONE chance, after the love passes you by, and, because this elderly man had, hesitated, which caused the first love of his life to leave again, he now felt, regrets.  This teaches us, to always take the advantage that we get, to tell one another how much we loved each other, because we may never get a chance again to say so!


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