Keeping the Distance is What Make the Family Get Along Better, on Filial Relations

Putting some distance between them, can only make the relationship flow more smoothly, translated…

My niece, “Wo-Wo” was born three months prematurely, very difficult to take care of, and, my younger sister moved in to my parents, to have my parents help her with taking care of her baby; as Wo-Wo grows older healthily, the problems from cross-generation upbringing surfaced one by one.

having our own space is all too important, photo from online…

Sometimes, as my younger sister was disciplining “Wo-Wo”, my parents felt bad toward their granddaughter getting scolded, and, would come forth to rescue her, this made my younger sister lose her dignity as her mother.  The bright Wo-Wo knew that her grandparents are there for her, and every time her mother started scolding her, she’d started, wailing, and looked toward the door of the bedroom, expecting being rescued by her grandparents.

My younger sister who was angered by her own daughter, and gotten on bad terms with our parents, seeing how the three of them interacted so harmoniously, had come to my home often, to pour her heart out.

Later on, my younger sister decided to move out of my parents’ home, and, Wo-Wo at three years of age is old enough, it is time, for the small nuclear family, to live on their own.  Although, leaving our parents’ house meant that my younger sister would have to become more self-reliant, but, putting the distances in between, that, is what makes the family relationships lasting longer!

starting her own family, needing her own space…not my drawing.

Luckily, my younger sister was able to find an apartment, close to my house as well as our parents’ house.  And now, we’d visited one another often, brought the kids together, have teas, looking after our young together, we’d gotten to talk like we used to, and we could, go visit our parents who lived close by, there’s nothing more blessed that how we have it right now!

So, distance, is needed, between the members of the families, no matter how close you are to your own parents, living with them will only cause frictions, and so, this younger sister made the right decisions, to move OUT of her parents’ house!


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