The Most Beautiful Sort of Feeling

The thoughtfulness of her best friend in her elementary years, weighed more than the love she’d felt toward that guy she fell for!  Translated…

When I was in the sixth grade, I had a crush on the boy from my next class.

It’s odd, how I’d, come to like him, at first, we’d, bumped into one another everyday, said hi to each other, and, there’s not that much more intersections between our lives, to the end, I’d started, looking forward to bumping into him in the halls.

Thinking back, perhaps, I was, attracted to how he’d appeared, somewhat, melancholic?  As our eyes met, those eyes with the stories hidden behind them, had roused up my maternal instincts.

like this???  Not my photograph…

And just like that, being active, I’d thrown all cautions to the wind.  Just so happens, my best friend was in his class, I’d started asking her to take my notes to him or things like that, as for the contents of the notes I’d written him, I now have, NO recollections, perhaps, it was me, showing cares and concerns toward him (or maybe, I’d, bluntly, professed my love for him?  Was I really, that expressive in my younger years?)

About six months of writing all my notes, in the sixth grade, we’re faced with our separate futures up ahead.  Before we graduated, the boy was conscientious enough, he’d written me back, perhaps he saw how much I’d put in, writing in the pages (and it seemed, that my career in writing got started back then too?).  Simply put, it was to thank me for liking him, that he wasn’t, as good as I’d, imagined him to be, and hoped that I will find a fitting guy that can love me back, and what not.  Thinking back, he was, a perfect gentleman!  No bad words after we’d stopped seeing each other, instead, he’d, wished me the best, this was, not at all, a bad ending to this love that didn’t bear any fruits!

But, the reason why this crush of mine was meaningful, wasn’t how he’d written me a note back, but it was, from the good friend who’d, passed the note for me.  I’d recalled how as this “relationship” had, ended (after the guy turned me down completely), one day, she’d told me, shockingly:

“Actually, I have a thing for so-and-so (the guy) too.  But seeing how big a crush you had on him, I’d decided, to help you out instead.”

Her words had, moved me so.  She was, willing to let go of her love for him, and help me out, with nothing but the best wishes for me and him.

In the sixth grade year, we were only in these smaller kinds of relationships, but, the heart she took, to show her care and concerns toward me, it was, something memorable my whole life.  Her willingness to hide her own love for the guy, so I can have a chance of professing my love to me, was, the most beautiful sort of a love I’d ever experienced.

the moments we’d shared as best friends, photo from online…

So, this, is the depth of love that one friend showed to another, and, this can only happen, when we were, a whole lot younger, because we had, yet to be, tainted by the adult world, and, as we grow older, started working and what-not, these sorts of exchanges of our emotions with each other, well, they don’t happen that much, sometimes, not at all, anymore!


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