Knowing, a Short Prose

Using FB, to profess the love, not exactly what I’d called, a GOOD idea!  Translated…

She’d posted an article, professing her love to him on FB, but later, she’d felt it was, too blunt and exposed, so, she’d, deleted it.

She’s uncertain, if he saw it already, nor is she sure, if she wanted him to have found it.  For the days that followed, the two of them got along as they usually would, like how they were from before, this made her feel relieved, thinking, maybe, it’s best, if we stayed like this.

And yet, not long thereafter, he, who’s normally, lowkey, posted the photos of outings with his own girlfriend on FB.

So, this was how this love ended, before it’d, begun.  People can post whatever they felt like, in the spurt of the moment online, and yet, as they looked back, they may realize, what they posted was inappropriate, and went online, to delete it, only that the people who’d posted these things have NO idea, how many times these messages had been, read…


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