As Forever Crossed Our Minds

We were, holding hands, as we ran outside, with the rice being thrown at us, as forever crossed our minds, and, after that, it was, gone, like ROADKILL!!!

As forever crossed our minds, we were, reminded of what love meant to us both, how we’d, drained this love of ours dry, and how, it is, totally, not worth it, to salvage, what was left, of the, brokenness of this god DAMN love that was, once here, in our lives.

“I don’t like you anymore!”  Not my photograph…

As forever crossed our minds?  Oh, forever’s NEVER crossed my mind, I knew that this was only, temporary, because NOTHING ever lasts in life, besides, I’d, lost, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y too much already, and, I wasn’t, going to, become, so strongly attached, to another who’s, bound to leave me in the end…

As forever crossed our minds, yup, it already had, and now, it’s, the end of this line for us both, and, time for us, to call it quits, to throw in that god DAMN towel, and, get off, then, go our, separate ways.

like this???  Not my sketch…






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