The Station, a Poem

Finding the self, a brand new version of oneself, but parting with the former versions of oneself, to become a better you!  Translated…

Meeting Up with the Self Here

Bidding Farewell to Another of Oneself Too

The Process it Took

It’s Just How Fast the Train’s Speeding

Without Much Time to Feel Nostalgic Over Each Other

Contemplating on the Distances for This Life or the Next

Thinking about Stopping Someplace

not my artwork…

Like It’s Destined

But Mostly, Out of Serendipity

And, Standing on the Platforms

The Tired Travelers

Became More Like Those Seeing Someone Off Somewhere

Don’t Know if I’d Reached My Destination

Or Passed Through the Borders

Or if it’s, Yet, Another Start of the Journey

Just Know, that Waiting Together

not my artwork…

As the Train Sped into the Station

We’re, Saying Goodbye Again

So, this is how life goes, we’re always saying goodbye to people in our lives, sometimes, it is temporary, and at others, it’s, permanent.  Life is made up of series of bidding farewells and saying hellos!








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