Proposing to Both Sisters…

And no, this is still NOT a case of a man who wants it BOTH ways…

From Yahoo!.com…

The woman this man fell in love with was really protective of her sister who has Downs’s Syndrome and diabetes, and the man didn’t mind, taking his girlfriend and her sister out on their dates.  They live next door to her parents, to help take care of the younger sister with Downs’s Syndrome.

This man really took his love for this woman really serious, he’d loved the woman, AS well as her sister with Downs’s Syndrome, and that takes a lot, because normally, as people hear of a family member with a disability, they’d start looking the other way, because there are still, so many taboos about this sort of a thing.  Not this man, he’d found the woman he wanted to marry, and everything about her, her families, and accepted it all, and that, is just very rare in the world right now!









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