Time, a Poem

The cycles of the day and night here, translated…

That Horse Had Broken Loose

Ran Toward the Skies of Dusk without Restraints

Instantly, the World Dove into the Veins of the Leaves

like this???  Not my art…

And Only the Turning & Churning of the Wheel is Heard

The Hoof Prints Still Left a Trail of Aromatic Scents from the Flowers

As Well as That Flicker of Light Off of the Butterfly’s Wings

And, that Horse that’s Become, Thinner and Thinner Took One Last Leap

Caught, by the Vast Oceans, with the Fallen Golden Wheel

The Night, in the Murmurs of a Single Seed

or this???  Not my art still…

The Lullaby Passed Through the Layers of the Waves

The Stars, Already in the Depth of Their Dreams

Awaken Once More, Inside the Infant’s Eyes Again

Turning the Wheels of Morning Light, the White Pony, and the Young Pastures

So, this is on the transitions of the days, the sun sets, sinks down, the stars, the moon rose up, taking their turns in the cycle of the days and night.









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