A Book Room…

This is a place, for ALL of your best friends to be stored, a place you can go, when you’re troubled by life’s issues, you can just, take one volume from the shelves, and find the answers you are looking for from reading.

like this???  Photo from online…

A book room is especially important in modern people’s lives, as the world had become, totally, completely, too chaotic to live in, and, being out in the world, (rolling around in ALL that dirt, covered in ashes, etc., etc., etc.) your minds will be, affected, even to the slightest extent, and, as the accumulations of these effects from life grew and grew, one day, you will, eventually, BLOW up, but, having a book room would keep you from, exploding, and creating such a large scale destruction on your surrounding environment.

The purpose of a book room, is not just for the sake of casually, going in to it, browsing to see what’s on the reading list, oh no, it should compose of books that are, meaningful to you in one way or another, and, the accumulation of books in this room should start from when you first started learning to read.

or this even?  Photo from online…not my sketch…

So, do you have one yet?  If so, then, you would know the enormous effect of that special room in your house has on your lives, and if not, well, I’m, sorry for ALL of you, for not being able to experience this sort of an amazing feel that the minority of us have!

make this into a regular habit…not my photo…






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