The Broken Flowers, Plucked, Out of Love

what it’d looked like, on the stems of a flower, phtoo from online…

An act of love, maybe, too practical, but, you can’t, deny this man’s heart for his girlfriend, that’s for sure, translated…

One afternoon, I’d held hands with my boyfriend, strolled in the campus.  As we are half way through, he’d bent over, picked a flower, and, placed it in my hand, leaves and branches, and everything.  I looked at him with doubt, and this man, he’s usually, more than practical, and picking a small flower up to give it to his girl, doesn’t seem fitting with him, especially, it was, a flower, from off of the side of the road, his romantic gestures, made me question.

Naturally, before I could fake how moved I was, he’d started, “look, these spots on the leaves, they’re, the scale insects”.

His words, almost made me pass out.  S-C-A-L-E I-N-S-E-C-T-S!  You’d not picked the flowers, but the insects on the flower.  Was he, hinting, how I was like the scale insects, an extra, an eyesore, is he, expecting, me to, just say goodbye, with no good in the bye with him?

As I was about to freak out, and start to make a scene, my foolish, too naïve boyfriend continued, “Didn’t you tell me last time, that you wanted to see how insects can damage the plants?  This, is it”.

like this, except, by a man???  Photo from online…

Finally, I’d understood where his gesture came from.  A short while ago, because of curiosity, I went to take a class from his major, and, I’d read the literature on it, and naturally, I’d, wanted to, get a look at what the text’s talking about.  And, I can’t believe that my ranting back then, was memorized by him back then.

I feel the warmth of his heart, slowly, coming over me.  I’d lowered my head, looked at the flower, and, the scale insects looked, less of an eyesore now.  Turns out, remembering every word, and surprising one another regularly, is worth, MORE than that bouquet of flower that comes on the special occasions.

I’m thinking, that I will, always remember, that on this ordinary afternoon, there was, an ordinary man, who’d, used his heart, to make this broken flower, look ever, so beautiful to me.

So, maybe, it’s because this man is a science major, and we ALL know how those engineering majors are already, don’t we???  Way too practical, and, as their girlfriends, you can’t expect anything close to a romantic gesture like giving you chocolates, flowers, etc., etc., etc., but, these men will surprise you, in ways you never imagined, like this boyfriend of this woman, who’d, remembered how she’d wanted to see a scale insect, and, showed it to her…


2 thoughts on “The Broken Flowers, Plucked, Out of Love

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