I Don’t Want to See You Sad or Alone

The company and the love for a pet here, translated…

Maru is a snow white cat, fifteen years ago, as I passed by a pet shop, I was, attracted by those two yellow and blue pupils of hers, the owner told me that she was abandoned by her previous owner, that if I liked her, then I can take her with me.  Although, there’s already “Mimi” at home, but, I couldn’t but feel sad about how along Maru is, so, I’d, taken her home.

Maru is timid, shy, and would often hide in places that I couldn’t see her, many of the toys that we used to play with kittens, couldn’t arouse her interests, and I’d even started, guessing if her previous owner was, a bit too mean to her, otherwise, why was she always, timid, kept her distances from people?

My ordinary life, after my husband cheated, was ended, for my daughter’s sake, I’d not cried or made a scene, just, hid myself deeply inside, fearing our relatives’ and friends’ show of cares and concern, my mother’s blames, and so, I’d become, like a hibernating animal, stayed, stagnant.  The memories became fat, accompanied me through, my slow and cold winter.

The winter was too long, my strong nerves constantly challenged me, I could go out as if nothing was wrong, run my errands, and, as I’d entered into the house, I’d, broken down and cried hard, depression gripped on tightly, as I reached for the tissues, I’d felt the soft Maru, found, that she was, quiet, next to me, looking at me, with that soured look on her face, she looked, in more misery compared to me.  When did we start up our friendship, using sorrows?  She’d opened up that door inside her heart, getting close to me, accepted my petting her, my hugging her.

sharing a bed…photo from online…

Maru became my special own tag-along, accompanied me, squinted her eyes, enjoyed me brushing her fur, and massage too, and whenever I’d called out her name, she’d always replied, “Meow!”  My pillows on my bed, she’d totally, taken up one, she’d accompanied close by as I read, warmed my bed for me, waited on me to go out, and to, come home too.

At the start of this year, Maru is nineteen years old, she’d stumbled around, and, other than coming to her bowl to eat, she’d, rarely moved at all, she’d become, so thinly now, and, no matter how I’d brushed her, she’s no longer, fluffy anymore.  And still, the stares she gave to me, was the ultimate kind of company I’d longed for.  In reality, I’d worked my best to start over again, like how Maru started, placing her trust in a new friend.  Through caring for her, I’d received a ton of kindness back, my life seemed to have found a brand new start again, and yet, Maru, after two days of not eating had, left me.

cuddling with me, photo from online…

All I can give to her, is just a wooden box, a quilt, and a teddy bear.

Along with my missing her for the rest of my life.

See how faithful this cat is toward her owner?  And that, is why, finding console in an animal, is much, much easier, than finding console in another human being, because pets love us unconditionally, they would stay by our sides through our good times AND bad, they wouldn’t betray us, I mean, sure, they may run off, but hey, they’re animals, like this owner’s experience with her cat, the woman is more than blessed, to have this wonderful cat by her side for almost twenty years.


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