The Music Teacher Went in Debt, So the Students Can Have Their Rhapsody

The heart this instructor had for getting children more involved in music education is just, amazing!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Legendary Page of the Distant Region’s Children Being Able to Learn Music Was a Dream Come True, the Ren-Ai County’s Dear Philharmonic, Went to Vienna, Competed in the Youth Music’s Festival, and Received the Championship Trophy of the Orchestra Group; the Judge Commented, “The Group Has a Rich Body of Life, Very Impressive.”

and here they are in rehearsal…photo from…南投仁愛鄉親愛愛樂弦樂團參加國際青少年音樂節比賽,八日在奧地利維也納音樂聖殿金色...

“This is probably the only chance we have, of standing onto the golden halls to perform, enjoy it!”, the instructor who led the musicians, Chen encouraged the students before they headed out to compete, competition is not for the sake of winning, but for the whole world to see you, to know how much you loved music, and, these kids didn’t disappoint her either.  The President congratulated the group, “You are, the pride of Taiwan”.

The director, Chen, and her husband Wang taught at the Ouwanda Tribe’s Lovely Elementary School.  Chen said, one day I asked the students in class, what they wanted to do when they grow up?  Half said they wanted to do manual labor, there was a child who wanted to learn to play the violin, “These children should have the opportunity to dream, and I’d decided, to help make their dreams come true.”

希望兒童合唱團原本籌不到「羅馬國際合唱節」旅費,經本報報導後,外界協助下不負眾望...the students standing on the concert halls in Vienna, photo from…

In order to have a student to have a place to stay as they headed off the mountains, the couple took out a loan, bought a piece of land with a house on it, and a piano too.  The group even went to the cemeteries to practice their music, to not wake the neighbors, the instructors are still in debt up to millions of dollars, but charitable foundations are helping them out with the programs.

So, this, is a teacher who did EVERYTHING to help make her students’ dreams come true, and, the students performed outstandingly, because of their love of music along with how much the teacher had put into training them.


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