Gifts, on Filial Relations


Before, we’d celebrated Mother’s Day early with mom, but, through the entire meal, mom clearly, became quieter; I’d planned to take her on a trip, but she’d told me she wasn’t, up to it, and it was, all because, the house didn’t get rented out yet.

It was, a suite, located in Taipei, when everything wasn’t built up yet, she’d, saved everything to buy.  The rents my mother earned helped her with getting the money needed, for raising us, and now, it’s also, a source of retirement fund for her.  From in the past, we’d relied on the red paper postings to rent out the place, to now, posting the ads online for her, and to keep her from stressing herself out, I’d worked as a realtor, showing the comers the place.

an apartment for rent, like in the article, however, the place would be, much older in the article than in this photograph…photo from online…

Sometimes, those who are interested in the property would come in the afternoons, mostly, in the evenings.  Some would make an appointment, but never showed up, and as I’d called their cell, I got redirected, straight into the voicemails; some who’d come see the place were, apparent, drug addicts, after they saw the property, they’d, started, harassing us, to get the funding for something.  As for those desired tenants, they’d often thought that the place wasn’t new enough, after all, the house ages with my mother, and even AS we’d, replastered the walls, it was, still, very hard, to cover up the years, and so, for many nights, my running to and fro were for, naught.

Before the next set of renters came, I sat in the couch in the bedroom to rest a bit, and, the secondhand tick-tocked in the house, and, all of my fatigue, my sacrifice, and being threatened, it’d all reminded me of mom.

a place like this, maybe???  Photo from online…

I’d just, put up some time, and yet, she’d, given herself to her family her whole life, we are like my mother’s suite, locked her youth up, her freedom, and all other possibilities of her life, and what we’d returned back to her was, her hunched over back, and her increased worries over us, and so, I’d not, given up on any chance, to give my mother, a gift that she’d wanted for a long, long time.

I’d taken photos from various angles, wrote out the passages, and finally, met someone who knew how to appreciate my mother’s property, someone who was able to, look beyond the grayish yellow walls, and saw its square and straight angles, along with that lighted lanai.  No matter how old the properties, something good can be found about them, and deserved to get treated well.  After it was over, I’d called my mother up, asked her to come out for a while, this time, she’d gladly took my offer.  

I’d also wanted to let her know, that she’d finally waited until I’d grown up, and can give her a gift she wanted, and if I could, I hope, to give her more in the futures.

So, this, is how the offspring worked so very hard, to help her/his mother get her place rented out, and, the property was a metaphor for the aging elderly, no matter how old the place is, there is, always something wonderful about it, if only, you look harder to find it, just like how as we age, although we’d lost our youth, we’d, gained, wisdoms in return…


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