A Redheaded Girl

A short prose, translated…

“I just saw a red-headed girl, driving a blue car, she looked very apparent on the road.”

“What does she look like?”, she’d asked him.

“Young and pretty.”

like this???  Photo from online…

“Do you recall what she looked like?”

“If I see her again, I’ll be able to identify her for sure.”

“If when you see her again, her hair lost the dye, and she wasn’t driving that blue car?”

Driving something like this, maybe???  not my photo still…

“Then………I probably, won’t recognize her.”  Afterwards, he’d felt, that there was, nothing special about the redheaded girl.  Then, he’d, taken a closer look at his female coworker, imagined, what she’d, looked like, with her hair dyed red and driving a blue car………this was, the very first time, he’d taken, this close a look at her, his, future wife.

So, the question from the coworker made this man think, about the woman he wanted to marry, and, surely enough, he’d found that, in his coworker, and sometimes, a man just needs, a KNOCK on his head, to MAKE him realize, that what he wants to have, is around him, very close to his vicinity.


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