Escaping from the City, a Poem

Giving off that illusory feel of you’re actually, escaping out of something, translated…

Holding the right side of the railings, moving toward gravity

Leaving the left passages to people with things on their minds

That last train about to leave the city

The pillow started to float around

like that!  Not my photo…

Softened, like the dreams’ wheels rolling

The grasses, the trees, grow in the opposite directions in dreams

The leaves outside the windows competed and shrank

Into that single, pure, droplet of water.

The train spend into the depth of the railing

We are, the chosen creatures

With our tired faces

Sharing the same confusions

Needed desperately, to flip open to the answers

To help us explain all the riddling injuries

The quiet one sitting close by like the bookmark

The side profile resembled the beautiful still-life

With the perfect shade

We’d held on separate ends of the discussions

Like a high-wire, severing the times into

Many pieces over and over

Casting it outside the windows repeatedly

Like we’re, feeding

running around in circles going nowhere 的圖片結果like what this cat is doing, footage found online…

——-—that furry mouth in the beasts that came alive at night

The night was vast like the back of some beast

I rode the trains

Through the fogs, the stars, the thundering rain—

Holding tightly to the handrail,

Buckling myself back up

Simply, to escape, this town that’s been


So, this, is a case where someone tried to escape from her/his surrounding environment, but, you’re just running around, in this circle, because the trains’ tracks are set, and, it just, looped around, and around, and around, and, it may seem like you’re, making your escape to elsewhere, but you’re, actually, N-O-T!!!


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