Where You’d, Left Me…

like this???  Not my picture.

Where you’d, left me, by the side of, that ol’ dirt road, you just, dropped me off, and then, you’d, driven off, without, EVER looking back!

Where you’d, left me, long, long, long ago, you just, upped, and out, without even, a note, just, left me, worrying, incessantly, over you, for years on end…

Where you’d, left me, that ways, ages ago, and, I’d, crawled BACK out of this deep, dark grave you’d, buried me in, I’d had to, CLAW my way out, and, I’d, broken, ALL my nails (N-O-T!!!).  Where you’d, left me, it’s funny, thinking back, to the, timing of everything, we’d met in the springtime, and, hit it hot during the summer seasons, remember that time at the beach???  Then came the autumn, when the leaves started, falling off, and how, all those, fallen leaves turned into, compost???  After that, it was, the snowstorms of the winter of our love, it was, harsh all right, the strong wind, the harsh snow, sleet, and don’t forget, the hail!

just like that, walked out the door one day, not my photo.

And, weathering through ALL the seasons of love, I’d, learned ONE thing: that love isn’t, WORTH all of that!  I mean, what, other than my shattered hard, did I get, out of, weathering through everything with you?  Nothing at all!!!


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