A Beast that Lives Inside

There’s, that beast that lives inside, and it just, comes out, as it pleases, wreaking havoc in my life, and afterwards, I’d be left, with this, NASTY clean-up job, on the messes that wasn’t even, made by me!

A beast that lives inside, how do I, contain it?  I can’t, the more I’d worked hard, to build this impenetrable cage to keep it locked up it, the confines I’d made became, easier to break.  A beast that lives inside, how can I contain it?  It’s, out of my control, this beast, I’d kept it, locked up, too little, too long, and now, it’d, broken free, became, uncontrolled, uncontained, running wild.

like this???  Not my sketch…

Having had its tastes of freedom, it’ll, NEVER get back into that cage again willingly I’m sure!  A beast that lives inside, we all have at least one, some of us, have more than one, and, we’d, worked hard, battling them every single day, believing, that their presences are, what made our lives a total mess, when we’re the ones, who are, making our lives, a total mess, and we just, scapegoated, on the beasts that live within each and every one of us…

A beast that lives inside, it’s now, on the outside, it takes over more and more, and I have almost, NO air time in my body these days.  That beast that lives inside had now, taken over my body, it’s now, in control, and yet, whenever it’d, created troubles, it’d, escaped out of me, leaving me, as the one being blamed for its, bad behaviors!

not my sketch still…






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