My Temporary Refuge…

My temporary refuge, I’d found, up in this, fragile tree, and now, you may be wondering, WHY, on earth, would I want to, build a temporary refuge, on something that’s so, weakened, easily broken, and fragile too?

Because I only need this place of refuge, temporarily, it’s a place, I’d liked to go, to think by myself, some peace, and quiet, that I’d, needed, every now and then, when the world became, too messy, too loud, too annoying, getting on my, every last nerve, a place I can go, to just be!

So, my temporary refuge, where, can I find it?  Every spot on every single tree out in the world is already, occupied, I can’t find a spot for myself to go, to meditate…

a barely holding roof, that I can sit under…not my photo.

My temporary refuge, this, is a place, that I can go, at any time of any day, as I wanted to, a place, where I am, the only one who’s, allowed there, NO trespassers here!!!

My temporary refuge, a place, that I’m only, staying in, temporarily, not a place of permanence for me, it’s only, temporarily, not forever………


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