An Unforgettable Overseas Trip Together, on Family Vacation

Traveling with young children, this may prove, to be challenging, let’s see how this couple managed it, translated…

These couple of years, the two of us kept planning a trip abroad, but we’d not known what to do with the children, and so, we’d decided, to take along our two three-year-old young daughters on our vacations, to Singapore.

a vacation with the whole family, young children and all, photo from online…

Dragging along two young children on an airplane, that was something we’d never, done before, and, there were a lot of voices advising us against it from before we set out.  The grandparents started first, “Why are you taking them abroad they’re so very young still?  What happens if they start crying, or fall ill?”, and my in-law chimed in too, “If you want to travel abroad, go with a tour group, it’ll make your lives easier!”, and even as we tried to explain, “We’d considered how the children may get fussy or ill, that, was why we’d selected to go to Singapore, for the good flowing traffic and the well-established medical facilities!”

“The self-help trips give us more freedom, we can adjust our itinerary to our kids’ needs.”, and the relatives, friends, families still didn’t believe we could manage this, and yet, the four of us, two adults, two children, set out, for Singapore, as planned.

Although our friends, relatives, and families have doubts, I’m still more than grateful, for their inputs, making us plan the trip even more thoroughly.  This trip was, so smooth, that was out of my expectations, all of us had a leisurely and a fun trip.  We’d toured the well-known sights in Singapore, and the most unforgettable was the tour by the river, we rode the subways to the wharf, and selected to set out as the sun sets, and we’d, entered into the night, filled with neon lights, looking at the glowing lights.  Our daughters became so intrigued by the sights, it’d made me feel this unspeakable sense of wonder, and I’d felt glad, that I wasn’t swayed, by our families and loved ones’ opinions of traveling with my young children, otherwise, I would’ve never had the opportunities, to experience this wonder.

As the trip ended and we’d returned home, the two of us felt more confident about the future; after all, we were successful, in taking our two three-year-old children abroad on a self-help trip, what else can’t we tackle, right?

So, this, is your family’s big step out into the world, and, because you were successful, in taking your two YOUNG kids abroad, without much troubles, that, would make you more than likely to, plan another trip for you and your family the next time, wouldn’t it???


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