Tiffany Blue Sandals

The dream she was having, reflected her desires that are quite different from her reality, translated…

The duet between the peach girl and the ferryman was very fun, through the public announcer systems by the temples, it was, like another unexpected firework show.  The traditional Taiwanese opera is playing again.  She’d felt stunned a bit, then, her original confused looks, went away, as she’d, strutted toward the front of the temples, where the show was playing.

Other than the corgi, Whitey, the Taiwanese opera was her favorite.  Everybody would make fun of her, that she’d loved the shows so very much, and who knows, maybe, one day, she just, might run off with a member of the troupes!  This joke had made her uncomfortable, but at this time, the mirages seemed, to have become real, and, the jokes became, like a prediction of her futures now.

on every young girl’s wish-list…photo from online…

Actually, she didn’t feel comfortable, headed to the temples to see the performances alone, she’d always had her families with her to go, especially now, she’d worn her new sandals, the color of, Tiffany blue!  All the way, she’d caught the gazes of how the passersby gawked at her sandals, she’d felt that rush!  Yeah, it would be fine enough, wearing those regular flip-flops to see the performances, why did she need to wear the famous maker sandals, it’s not like she’s shopping at the malls!  But, the calls of the shows exceeded her anxieties, plus, she’d wanted to, show them off, she’d quickly, walked to beneath the stages, and found herself a seat.

Her mother and her older sister loved that game of hide-and-seek, as they’d agreed to head out together, she’d put on her shoes in a hurry, but as she ran to the doors, she’d not seen them.  Nobody can run that fast, it’s not like they’d, entered into that magical doorway.  She’d ran into that small alleyway to the left that’s scary, in the darkness, made her way past the smelly slump buckets, until the end of the lane, where the German shepherd started barking, did she, turn around to look.  Carefully, she’d passed the intersections, and, looked into the hair salon, the hairdresser smiled at her.  Passing Huei and Dou’s houses, the originally overflowing street corner was, all too quiet today.  She’d walked, and walked, to the sand boxes, and wanted to play there until she’s covered in dirt, but, she’d, looked down at her new sandals, better not!

Her mother and older sister must be hiding in some corner, waiting for her, then, they’ll, surely, jump out and surprise her, but, she’d already, gone around the areas she’d been daring enough to venture out into already.  The world became too big so suddenly, she’d not known where to turn, and it was, too small, for her, to fit into it.  Until the songs played into her ears, it’d, rescued her out.  That familiar funny tune became, like a river, which she’d found herself to be in, she’d swum endlessly, and, that sense of solitariness, went away, slowly.

The stage is a small wonderful world in itself, the bun of the male lead, and the sideburns of the female lead, it’d made her intrigued.  Loving to draw, she could easily, sketch them into life-life drawings.

spending our childhoods like this…not my artwork…

As the show was over, she’d, gone backstage.  The male lead who’s still in makeup sat cross-legged in her shorts, with the toenails painted bright red, puffed out the smokes.  The male lead who was played by a woman gave her sandals a sideway look, with that look of joking about it, crawling up her lips.  She’d lowered her head, saw that glow, from her Tiffany sandals, illuminating in the setting of the sun.  She’d taken off her sandals, with the courage of god-knows-where-it’d-come, tiptoed into the pickup truck, and hid along the costumes, and the props.

Although, it’s not hard at all, to learn the dramas, she’d been told, but the hardships, were, unspeakable to the outside world.  The times passed, and she’d finally gone on stage, and took the male leading role, and, she’d gone on stage and immediately, took up her role.  The aunty who’d played the male lead told her, that the audience was there, to watch her perform, her entrance always brought about the whispers, “So young, so young………”

The climax of the show was about to happen now, the main character’s coming down the streets got out.  That very day, there was, a warm welcome, the unreal version of herself on stage that day, portrayed the segments, of her long and distant memories.  Passing through the walls of the familiar, the strange, the admiring, the demeaning looks, she’d finally remembered, what it was, she was, searching for all these years.  The virtual and the reality impacted and broke, and the hole enlarged quickly.  The cracks became a blackhole, sucking in all the times that had passed, stirred up the parallel universes, she’d fallen, into that whirlpool without end now………

Clink, clink, the steel gates of her yard opened and closed.  Her mother and older sister are back.  She’d opened up her eyes, and, the dog was, chewing the Tiffany colored sandals that were fallen to the sides.  Actually, she’d not gone anywhere, she’d just, dozed off, on the steps, but she’d, waken up tired, like she’d gone through, a lifetime’s worth of experiences already.

The remains of the sandals still illuminated the twisted glows, she’d picked them up, put them into the trash, like she was, throwing away the broken pieces, chipped off, from her own childhood.

So, it’s actually a dream that this young child’s had, but, she’d passed through an entire lifetime’s worth of things in her dreams.  The line between reality and dreams is blurred here, because the dream was so very real to this child, she’d mistaken that she was a character that she’d portrayed in the dreams.


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