Living, in Death, a Poem

The cycles of life here, over, over, and over again, translated…

Everything, is Nothing

Birth, Destruction, and Everything that’s In-Between is Only, Ordinary………

Always in Full-Bloom in the Midst of All Flowers,

like this???  Not my diagram…

Those Paragraphs and Essays, Embodied Life

Underneath the Sun, and Inside the Winds

To Gain the Gazes of the Seasons

The Loud Applauses, with the Various Flowers

Fighting to Get Noticed, the Birds, Attempting to Get All the Attention

Only the Fungi, Were Existing, Parasitically

Parasitically There Between the Darkness & Death

With the Decaying, and Destruction, Slowly


a part of who we are, and how we becmae, and comes, the E-N-D!!!   Not my diagram…

The Structures Collapsed

The Past, the Future

With Only Traces of the Moment, Short, Temporary

Before the Sun Splashed Down

After Death Had, Completed

Its Tug-of-War with Life

Life Became a River

Just Passing Through: with Moments of Hesitations

Twisting, and Turning, Carelessly Asking How Much It’d Longed, to Stay as Is

not my silhouette…

No Amount of Nostalgia Will, Keep it In Place

It’d, Never, Looked Back, Not Even Once!

Only the Fungus

Comfortable, Living as is

Being Born on Death, Dying from

Being Evaporated from the Sun’s Heat

At the Moment When All Other Flowers Fought hard to Get Shown

Its Spores Spread, Hidden Beneath

That Decaying Wood and Dirt


Waiting for Ages on End

it’s the end, but, life shall, begin again, soon enough…not my photo…

Until the Archaeologists Dug Up and Studied the Found

Broken Down Verses

And Managed to, Translate, Their

Original Thoughts that Was Once

Too Quiet to be Known

So, this, is how life is, just waiting, waiting, waiting, for the right time to show itself, and, sometimes, as the timing became correct, and life fought hard, to get noticed, it still wasn’t, and then, it’d, died, leaving its, small markings on the world, it was, here, without anybody else’s being aware of it, but that life that’s died, knows, that it was, once alive…


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