Don’t Say Never…

Don’t say never, as NONE of us can be sure of the futures one-hundred percent, and you wouldn’t want to, guess it wrong, would you?  So, don’t say NEVER!

Don’t say never, because deep down, you KNOW you’re, bound to, change your mind, maybe not today, tomorrow, or even, the next day, or anytime soon, for that matter, but eventually, you WILL, get swayed…

Don’t say never, you don’t know that for sure, I don’t know that for sure either!  So, let’s, just, keep these angry words, bottled up for now, and maybe tomorrow, when we wake (after a good night’s sleep???), we’ll, feel, differently ‘bout it?

Don’t say never, because, what will come towards us is, NEVER, and, we would be, ill-prepared, for the never that will become, a HUGE impact in both our lives.  So, just keep your thoughts to yourself, and I will also, keep all of these feelings, to nobody ELSE but me…




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