July, a Poem

The month of the mortal man with his lover who’s a goddess, to finally meet together again, translated…

July, with Only Seven Evenings

The Gravity from the Lightweight Evenings

Falling Toward the Starry Skies

The Seven Nights Became Like Seven Magpies

the lovers, separated by the galaxy…picture from online…

The Magpies, are the Angels from the East

With Their Holy Wings

Flapped on the Desires that Came But Once Per Year

Yes, the Seven Magpies Symbolized Seven Desires

And the Desires, Like the Dampened Galaxy

Your Light Trembles, and My Inhales & Exhales

We’d Swum, Like Siamese Twins in that

Deep, Deep River of Heaven

Like Being Drunk on that Old Wine

These Seven Intoxicated Desires

Became the Fires from the Meteors

What the Mother of Fire Looked Forward to the Most

It’s Deep Like the Oceans, and Heated Like the Fires Too

Up Above the Equator

the star-crossed lovers can only meet up once every seven years…silhouette from online…

After all, This is, the Seventh Time We Met

After all, We’re, the Merciest of Gods

The Bodies of the Clean Glass

Looking Toward that Child with the Bottle

With that Cleanly Drop of Water, that Scent, of Humor

The Small Grin Came from the Magpies

Spread Open Their Wings, with the Fires They Flew

What Came Was, the Flowing Fires of July

The Flowing Fires Were———

My Prince, Your Princess

We Still Must, Live on, in Glee………

So, this is based off of a myth, from long ago, and, July was the month, when the forbidden lovers were supposed to meet back up, based off of the tale, and, this pair of mythical characters had weathered through their shares of being separated, and waited for so long until the month of July every single year, to finally meet up again.  Such a sorrowful love story it was…


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