Disastrous, a Poem

How we interacted, how we don’t complement each other, and yet, we can’t, live, without one another, the dilemmas of love, translated…

You are, that Cloud

Blurred, in the, Midst of the Lines of the Leaves

Sharpen at Times, Wet and Cold Too

Taking Over, an Entire Mountain’s Worth of Area

You are the Clouds

not my sketch…

Holding the Memories of the Oceans Intact

I’d Used My Raging Rain, to Make Myself Forget

In Exchange, for Your Clear Patch of Sunny Skies

It’s that Clear Patch of Sunny Skies

That’s Made the Dried Up Creek Sing Again

Making that Deserted Plain Come to Life Again

Then, Evaporates

My Sun Thus

a heart-shaped disaster, not my photograph here…

Started Fogging Up All Over Again

So, this, is the relationship the narrator has with someone he loved, they’d, complimented one another, and yet, they sometimes, became battling forces, as that, is how a lot of the relationships worked, we can’t all be happy all the time, there’s bound to be, those rainy days in our lives too, it’s how we handled those rainy day that’s more important, compared to the sunnier ones…


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