Returning with Her, Back to the Beginning

Whenever the two of you felt the issues coming up, this, was the place you two would go to, to sort things out, to remember what exactly, that made you two, stayed together from before, to remember the love the two of you fought hard for, translated…

The first time we’d visited that restaurant, it was an accidental passing by it with my female friend whom I’d felt extremely attracted to, the two of us were, immediately, attracted by the place’s ocean views——it was the stories that the oceans had to tell.  When we visited there in the summertime, it was, filled with life; when we visited in the winters, it felt like it was, burdened with the thoughts.

like this???  Not my photograph…

And, swiftly, a decade rolled past, we’d gone from friends, to lovers, and became, married.  The two of us, had weathered through, the arguments, the breakups, the unsettlement we’d felt toward our, collective futures, but, we’d never forgotten, to seek out that sense of serenity, no matter how busy life became.

My wife once stated, “Every time we’d come here, it’d reminded me of how hard we fought, to stay together, despite what the outside world said to us.”

I’d felt the same way too.  Back then, we were, so courageous, believed, that we could, face ANY troubles that came our ways, like how those waves that, never quit, crawling back onto the shores were.

cherishing the memories we’d already made…not my photograph…

So, every time you’d revisited this particular spot, it served as a reminder of how hard you’d, worked, and fought hard, to stay together, and this place had, turned into that stable source of strength you were looking for, when your lives got too tough, and that, became enough, for the two of you, to keep working hard in your marriage together.


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