That Thought-Provoking Scent

Lessons learned, from taking a stroll somewhere, with a photo attached, from the papers, translated…

Walking in the midst of the blooming season of the wild garlic, I’d loved this sort of a refreshing fragrance, with a small bit of excitement.  When you intentionally took that deep breath, the scent of the wild garlic would, escape from you, but, as you carried that ordinary mindset, and slowly breathed in, and out, the aromatic scent of wild garlic had, filled up the atmosphere.

On this small path, covered with white flowers, the aromatic wild garlic flowers dispersed that sort of a deeply, thought-provoking scent.

張玉芸what the passage looked like, phoot from…

So, this just shows, how sometimes, when you try hard, to get something to happen, it just doesn’t, because sometimes, some things just, can’t be forced, you must, let it all come, naturally, as it’s, supposed to all along, that, is the lesson to be learned, by this individual who took that long walk…




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