Learn to Dream

You told me, that I’d, needed this skill, in order, to survive, in your world, so, I’d, taught myself to dream.

Learn to dream, you’d told me, and hold on, to these, far-fetched dreams of yours, never, ever, EVER, let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. Then, came the moment, when you’d, told me, that I wasn’t, good enoughyour wildest fantasies…not my art…

Learn to dream, how difficult that is, especially, for a child, who’d never had the chances to dream like me.  I’d, worked hard, all through my childhood years, just, to stay alive, out of the ways of abuse and neglect, and yet, they’d still, both, come for me at night, when you’d, fallen asleep, and couldn’t, hear my cries…

Learn to dream, I can’t, I have, NO dreams, only these, harsh realities that preceded me, and, I feel like, I’m, drowning, taken the hits way too hard, and, I’d become, submerged, into the waters here, struggling, to get my head above water level, for that, hard to come by, breath.

dreams are like free-falling, not my photo…

Learn to dream, it isn’t that easy, not the least bit, not for me, and yet, I’d, survived, through a god DAMN over 240 years of life (and still adding on to this too old number here!!!), having my dreams, SHOT down, by those GOD DAMN fucking (and your point being???) adult counterparts in my life here.

And now, I’m, a professional dreamer here, and, ain’t NOBODY ever gonna, SHOOT any of my dreams down again, because, you move, I SHOOT!  And that, is a PROMISE…and I still keep ALL the promises I make!





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