No Matter How Busy I Got, I’ll Still Make the Time, to Make a Cup of Coffee for You, on Couple’s Relations

Something they do out of habit, and of love too, translated…

The coffee that’s got the right amount of milk in it is still at its usual place on the tables, loving the coffees, but being lazy, I’d, always used the instants or the drip, and my husband, who’s a great barista couldn’t take it any more, he’d made the coffees every single morn, add in the milk, waited for me to have my cup in the morning with breakfast, then packed another cup for me to go to work with.  These couple of days, we’d had fights, he’d carried his cold shoulders toward me, gave me the silent treatments, and wore his soured face for days, but there was still that cup of warm latte on the tables for me.

like this???  Photo from online…

As I drank, I’d recalled what he’d once told me, “No matter how busy I get, I’d still take the time, to make a cup of coffee for you.”  Because the problems at work, his moods became, heated up some.  As he was out on business trip, he’d counted the days, and brewed the coffees by the days, bottled them up, placed them in the fridge for me, because he knew that when he wasn’t around, I’d, become lazy with the coffees again, but gladly, his trips lasted no more than two to three days at a time.

I’d often complained, that he was an ape in a man’s clothes, without any words of sweetness, that I’d been in this false dream of romance all along.  But he’d not once, said a thing about his aging, and no longer beautiful yellow-faced wife, and never complained, that I’m nothing more than an old lady who couldn’t even manage the house well, he’d still bring me that coffee, to couch where I’d sat, and kept preparing the foods to feed to me.  For many years, I’m sure, that he’d gotten trained in feeding a woman.

What he’d given me, along with what I was able to make, made me into a working woman with two paychecks, he’d also told me calmly, that ape have high intelligence, that he should be able to handle the regular household chores; so other than work, any chores related to the house: cleaning, laundry, cooking, I’d not needed to lift a finger to.  Sometimes when I felt up to it, I’d felt introspective, and thought of his “no matter how busy I get, I will make you a cup of coffee”, that irrational feeling of wanting to start a fight with him, vanished, instantly.

making a cup of coffee for his wife 的圖片結果the first hing in the morning…photo from online…

I’m thinking, that he only had the inarticulate ape mannerism about him, he’s actually, quite gentle, and maybe, the next time, I should, make a cup of coffee of my love?  But, as I thought of how he would react, it’s best, that I continued my, “Honey, one more cup please!”, would be, better!

So, although this man isn’t articulate on expressing the love to his wife verbally, he’d made up for it in more ways than one, he’d taken care of the household chores, and made his wife a cup of coffee in the morning, and, it’s this sort of give and take that makes a marriage work well.  And so WHAT if you can’t say those sweet words, so long as you show that special someone in your lives that you loved her/him, that should be enough…


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