Started from Friends, a Short Prose

How can two people who’d, fallen in love ended up like this, I wonder???  Translated…

“Stop hanging out with all those good-for-nothing friends of yours, is it that hard, to spend some time with me?  It’s just like you, making friends with everybody, that, is why you ended up, with a ton of good-for-nothing’s as friends.”

the interactions, not my sketch…

“Can you stop being so judgmental of me, criticizing my friends all the time?  Do respect my feelings, will you?”

“I’m not wrong, your friends all carried several bad qualities, if you want, I can, break it all down for you right now………”

She was about to go into that long speech again, he felt a headache coming on, turned her back to her, and just, let her start ranting.  He thought, she must’ve forgotten, how they were first friends, before they were married, after falling in love slowly.  Up to this point, he’d started agreeing with her, “Some friends, you just, shouldn’t even be making from the very start.”

too late for this now, huh???  Not my photo…

Wow, imagine how much must’ve happened, for a marriage, to come to this?  This woman was critical of her husband’s friends, and started ranting about it, probably because he’d overlooked how she’d needed his company, and just went out to hang with his friends a lot, not spending enough time with his own wife, that, was probably what caused her to start ranting incessantly about his “bad friends”, and, she failed to realize, that they’d, started as friends too, and how, maybe, he’s just, nice to all his friends, and as she’d become his wife, he’d felt less of a need to please her, that, is probably how their love ended up where it currently is right now…



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