Graffiti, a Poem


I’d Traveled with the Sunrise

And the Queen Had, Kept You Behind

The Gifts, Kept You Behind like this???

Not Like How You Had Imagined

Although, You’d Finally Had the Opportunity

To Praise Your Own Room

But Your Muscles, Became Someone Else’s Territories

As for Me.  I’d, Bumped into the Forest

The Dreams

or this???  Not my photo still…

The Dreams were, a Philosopher

Putting Up with Me

In the Graffiti of Your Yesterday

Those Line

How They’d Resembled the Sort of Wandering We’d, Talked About from Before

So, there’s, that scent of wanting to become something more than yourself, and yet, there’s, no way any of us can fast-forward life, into that place where everything IS working out well for us, we can only, live life, from day to day…


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