The Three of Them

like this???  Not my photograph…

The encounters of one’s daily life, and the sudden changes, then, everything returned back to the way it was, that, is how life is…translated…

At the end of the hiking trail I frequent a lot, there was this, flat wooden platform, and, the riverside below that was my personal private sight.  But, it wasn’t because of the scenes that were, breathtaking, but the three of them that’s made my heart move.

The three of them almost show up at the exact same time by the river, a middle-aged, chubby man, with hairs all white pushing along that wheelchair that made the squeaky noises.  On the wheelchair, there sat an elderly woman, the middle-aged man’s mother.  And, there was an add-on basket, with an aged dog, packing up the basket.

As they got to their spot, the elderly woman got off of her wheelchair, and practiced walking, but the aged dog refused to come out of the baskets.  At which time, the middle aged man would pull out a small ball from his pockets, throw it away, then, the senior dog would run off happily to fetch it back.  Sometimes, the aged dog would get too into it, run overhead, and thrilled the turtles that are getting some sun, it’d made the elderly woman laugh, and it’d, made me laugh too, I’d felt, that this improvisational performance from the three of them was, the purest, the most heart-warming scene.

looking after our own loved ones, not my silhouette

That day, there was that squeaky noise that came from below again, but, there was only the elderly woman there, and not the old dog.

A few days later, the squeaky noise from the wheelchair was gone, only the middle aged man strolling by the riverside.  What had happened?   An assortment of bad thoughts passed through my mind, without the old dog, chasing the ball, the elderly in her wheelchair, this riverside became, very lonely now.

A few more days later, there was only the rushing sound of the water, none of them showed.  As I was about to leave, the squeaky sound from the wheelchair came again.  I’d looked down below, the elderly woman and the dog were still there on the wheelchairs.  The elderly was a bit thinner now, but in good spirits, the elderly dog’s coat was shaved off, with the Victorian collar for the post-surgery measures, as it ran, it looked like a giant moving lamp, thrilled the turtles, back into the waters, the elderly laughed again, as did I.

So long as, they’re all all right, so long as, they’re, all okay, it’s a good thing, that I saw the three of them together again that day.

Once again, in this, it’s the people in the scenes that’s made the scene a good place to visit, because people and animals are what brings life into a picturesque place, and, without these two individuals and their dog, something seemed missing, but, everything turned out okay…








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