Erased Those Dreams

You took that eraser, and went across, all those dreams we’d, ever shared from before, and in less than an instant’s time, they’re, all gone!

Erased those dreams, and now, I can’t even recall, what any single one of them entailed, it’s like, I’d gotten, amnesia or something, odd, really, ‘cuz those dreams meant so very much, to me from before, and now………nothing remained.

like that!  Not my photo…

Erased those dreams, like how you and I, never even, existed at all, despite how hard we’d both worked, to salvage this love, you’d still decided, to pull the plug at the end!  Erased those dreams, and now, there’s, not any of us to live in.

Erased those dreams, so, dream up new ones!  It’s not that easy, after all, you’d, lost the trust you’d placed in that someone special, as s/he’d, betrayed your trust, and, made you, lost that important faith you have in your selves, and it’ll take, a very, very, very long time, for you, to find back that lost trust you’d originally had, in your selves from before!

Erased those dreams, let there be, no traces of them left, in my life, I’m, moving on, without the ball and chains these dreams have, holding me back now………

notmy photo still…



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