He, a Poem

It’s more, about painting or sketching out a real-life human being here, translated…

I Can Use the Realistic Ways

Or, I Can Do a Simple Sketch

I Can Give Him Those Blue-Gray Eyes

To Show a Depth Level of Soulfulness

the artist is what gives hte artwork life, photo from online…

Or I Can, Make His Neckline Longer Too

To Hint at How Sorrowful and Lonely He’s Feeling

I Can Only Sketch Out the Side Profiles

Or the Naked Backside

Or I Can, Make Him Smile

like this???  Sketch found online…

Or, Lie There, on that Sickbed———

I Can Do This, or That

Like I’m, Adjusting the Station Dials on a Radio

To Hear His Clarified Words Spoken Aloud

In the End, I Would’ve Definitely Missed Out

On the Him as a Whole, that Man, Whom

He’s Also, a Stranger to

So, this, is how when you comply with everybody’s beliefs of who you ought to be, you’d end up, losing sight of who you are, and this poet described the process of losing one’s sense of the self by emphasizing on the relationships of the artist and the artwork s/he is creating.


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