The Expressions of Water

A trip to Poland, and the encounters there, translated…

I’d recently heard, that placing the ice crystals beneath a microscope, you can see water, in the forms of snowflakes, with the beautiful crystals.  It’s unlike the regular water we’re in contact with, with the various beautiful shapes.

I couldn’t help but feel shocked, what sort of a code, was hidden, between the molecules of water?

As I passed through the old town of Krakow, Poland, the sky was being dyed.  I’d hopped along the streets, and taken in all the mid-century colors, as well as the gothic bells that rung.

Waited until I’d arrived in the Central Square, I couldn’t understand how there’s this, lack of fires from the cannons, and all that remained, were this, desolate scene?  My friend told me, because during World War II, this town was the command center of the Nazi concentration camps.

photo from…梁正宏˙攝影

Is it a blessing, or a curse?

I’d gazed over at the flooring made up of green and white mosaic, imagined how Poland, between Germany and Russia, how the war came and went, left a mark, and, the reflections of all of that, in the water crystals, how, did it look then?

Suddenly, an elderly woman came to me in a hurry, handed me my dropped puppet.

The rain fell from the side of her face, and, in the intertwining of hardship, was that kindness and tolerance that she shone of.

So, this, is an encounter on one’s travels, and, it’s these smallest events that’s made your trips most interesting, isn’t it?  It’s not going to see those ancient sights of war, of the old king’s palace, but the human interactions such as this that’s made your trips most memorable…











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