The Love that Parents Have for Their Young Never Cease to Exist

On the shows of love that elders have for their offspring, translated…

My mother-in-law who’s ninety-seven years old stopped working in the kitchens already, last month after her fall, she’d become, especially frail, but lately, she’d become, spirited, not only does she go in and out of the kitchens, she’d even told me to get the groceries at the markets that she’d selected.

What, is going on?

Turns out, my husband was recently hospitalized because of illness, and since the day he was discharged from the hospital, my mother-in-law cooked the meals, sometimes, she’d stood by the sink with the help from her walker, mostly, she’d sat in her wheelchairs, giving me the technical supports: seeing if I’d managed to get the chicken essence?  Did I use the right proportions for the four-items soup?  Did I put in some herbs cooking the pork soups?  All of these, are the most fitting items to help her family get better, because my mother-in-law made these dishes a lot from back when, and now she can’t anymore, but because her son fell ill, that dusty box of treasure of cooking got opened up immediately, she’d hoped, that her cooking can get her son better immediately.

like this???  Not my photo…

I’d recalled my great uncle who’s ninety, there was a longan tree with a lot of fruits growing.  One day, his seventy-year-old son climbed up to get the fruits, as he saw, he’d hollered out to him from under the tree, “Come back down, it’s too dangerous!  I’ll climb up to get it.”

This event was treated as a joke by the relatives, and, although as we first heard it, we’d all laughed, but afterwards, we’d felt, something stuck in all our throats.

The assortments of things in the world, all carried an expiration date, only the love that parents have for their young stays fresh forever, no matter how old they get.

or this???  Still not my photo…

So, this is how parents showed their love for their young, isn’t it?  By taking care of them, no matter how old they get, it’s what parents do, doing all that they can, to help make their children’s lives a whole lot easier.


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