The Archer

From the carton of a drink, in Chinese, translated by me…like this?  Picture from online…

Under the same sky

We’d seen the sun, and the shooting stars

The colorful clouds floated along, some were dribbling the basketball on the court

Attempted to, get the timing just right, battling their own shadows

But, all of our instincts, they don’t appear all at once

But we were, ill-prepared

battling oneslf 的圖片結果in the battle of man versus self, not my photo…

Throwing it all in, as if gambling, expecting that we may, hit something big

Even farther off, outside the harbor, the large ships are sounding off

Those broken pieces of golden foils floated atop the oceans

Bitter, yet sweet, as if, they had, already, loved

So this, is that scent of regret, that scent of nostalgia of life, I suppose, after passing through the experiences in one’s life, that, is what a person can conclude of it………









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