X, Who Part-Times at McDonald’s

The key, to being happy in life, translated…

The show which I’d met X, was performed in the Environmental Theatres.  What it was was that we’d used the environment we were in as a stage, for instance, if we’re in a place with mountains, creeks and rocks, and we’d used the forces of nature to perform.  That day we were in the Salty Mountains, Tainan, it was a heated June day, everybody wore their completely black weighty costumes—the surfaces of the Salty Mountains were rough on the surface, if we fall, we’d gotten scraped, and, between being injury and sweating like crazy, we all agreed on the latter.

There was a huge group of troupe members, a group of younger male actors, very energetic, and, the pure and always going against the crowd X was among them.  X is the fittest of the bunch I believe, but he’d said he was too fat, that every night he’d broiled some chickens for supper.  He’d had it for a week, it was too expensive for him, he’d stated, that in order to lose weight, you’d first needed the money for it, then he’d, cleaned out the entire boxed lunch.

this would be considered as a menial job, but, it’s, absolutely necessary, that someone does it, to keep the environment clean!  Photo from online…

We didn’t have that many opportunity to play opposites to one another, but I was assigned this action of getting onto someone’s shoulders, but, my performance partner was way too tall, I couldn’t practice the actions, he’d stood up, said he will be my shoulders (he was about my height).  And so, before many words were, exchanged, I’d gone on and off his shoulders using my belly already.

The time to wait for the makeup usually is very long, so I had a book with me, he saw me reading, scratched his head, and told me he was envious of me.

“Envious of what?”

“I have dyslexia, I can’t even read through a page.”

“Is that so?  If you someone read it to you, will you take it in?”

“I wouldn’t know, because nobody’s ever read anything to me before.”

“Then what do you like to do?  Play video games?”

“Not really, I guess, I loved, squiggling around.  I was diagnosed with ADHD from when I was younger, but now, I’m taking anti-depressants.  I really want to read what you’re reading.”

“This is why I’d read the novels like they were plays I suppose, to serve those who want to read, but really can’t.”

“Don’t you think, that people have the tendency to beautify things?  Like when they see someone reading, they would say, that the person reading is very individualistic in thoughts, but, a lot of those who aren’t studious, children, or those from the past generations, they have interesting things to say too.  Even though by stating this, it seemed like I’m just finding an excuse for myself.”

“No, I think you’re right now.  Reading for me, it’s a hobby, like how some liked playing sports and going to the movies.  I don’t think much of it at all.”

“I’m also envious that you have many shows to perform in too.”

“Aren’t we performing together right now?”

not my picture…

“Oh, yeah.”

“Don’t think too far ahead, just think about the present, that, is the secret to happiness in our industry.”

These years, the more I’d come in contact with friends who are emotionally troubled, I’d become more and more certain of one thing: most people seemed normal, but, they’d all had certain levels of emotional problems.  X in my eye, was a sunny boy.  Loved to smile, enjoyed helping other people, has a great appetite.

Later on, as the gig ended, I’d still read about his happenings on FB.  He’d only just started performing, his work wasn’t quite stable yet, and he’d often pondered, if he should, continuing performing.  Once I’d read that he’d part-timed in McDonald’s, as he’d flipped the burgers and made the fries, and waited for the opportunities of call backs, that he’d felt lost.

After I saw the stream, I’d wrote something to him, “I’d met a Spanish teacher whom I loved a lot in England, he’d started a weekend clown course, told us that after he’d graduated from school, he’d worked in endless number of jobs, and the longest lasting was a trash collector.  During that period of time in his life, he saw his city, through the most menial ways.  Then one day, he’d realized, that he existed as he had, that, was what made him into a clown.  So alone, so blended in, so humorous, yet, so very sad.  Later on, he’d become, an outstanding clown.  Clown is just a general term, each and every clown in the world, is unique.  Making the French fries, flipping the burgers can give you that sense of stability too, at least, it’d made you live, securely.”

He’d replied, “Jiu-Yun, thank you.  When I started demanding myself, to make each and every French fry perfect, and seeing the customers have one right after another, and another, I’d felt very accomplished, your secret, I’d caught it!”

satisfied over life here, not my photo…

It’s fine you’d, learned that, just be sure, you apply it often to your life.

So the secrets of being happy is not that difficult at all, you don’t necessary need a TON of high-end stuff (cars, properties, electronic gadgets, jewelry, etc., etc., etc.) you just have to be comfortable, in your lives, feel satisfied every single day after the end of working hard, knowing that you’d done, a wonderful job at work, that, should be enough, to keep you satisfied.









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