A Hand-Written Note


She saw a posting by the elevator, with someone’s handwriting on it, “This is a residential building, but you’d treated like an office building.  Daycare in the daytime.  Music class at night.  In the middle of the nights, the couples are fighting loudly, having WWF showdowns.  You may not need to rest, but the rest of us do.  Do respect the rights of your neighbors.”  She knew, that the note was directed toward the residents next door.  This family had moved in about a year ago, and, there were, rarely moments of quiet, sometimes, the arguments got so bad that it seemed like someone was about to murder someone, so she’d, called it in.  Seeing how everybody else had put up with them for so long, that, was why someone from the building posted these thoughts.  She’d not expect that the family who was making ALL the raucous to get quieted down, she just wanted to know, who it was, that wrote the note and posted it, she wanted to be pen pals with her/him.

like this???  Not my art…

So, this woman admires the individual who finally worked up the courage to speak her/his mind, and that just showed, how sometimes, all it takes, is someone standing UP for her/his own rights, for everybody ELSE to follow suit.


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