Her Birthday Present for Her Sixtieth, Spending $300,000N.T., for Ninety-Six Days, Travelled Across Eighteen Countries

It’s a, milestone!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Enjoy it!  Travel around the world alone!  This, is not the rights of the younger generation and the rich.  “Backpacker Mom”, Hu celebrated her turning sixty, planned our her trips, and it only took her $300,000N.T.s, in ninety-six days, she’d ventured across eighteen countries, and it was, her birthday present to herself at sixty.  She’d written the experience into the new book, “The Cougar, Bravely Venturing to Eighteen of the World’s Nations”.

A decade ago, Hu attended the course, “the Incredible Adventures of Cougars” from a community college.  Back then, the instructor took the students to Hsintien and Keelung on the shorter self-help trips, and for their mid-term assignment, the students were to venture out on their own.  “The women of our generation, after we married, we’d put everything into our families, and rarely had any chances to travel on our own.”  This experience had sparked Hu’s interest in journeying alone, after she retired five years ago, she’d set up the goals of venturing to a hundred countries in the world for herself.

not my photo…

Last year, she finally put her thoughts into actions, and custom made a trip to go around the world, the first fourteen days of her adventures, she was accompanied by her husband, they’d visited Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.  Later on, her husband returned back to work in Taiwan, while she continued venturing into Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, as well as China too.

Traveling to twenty nations in the world, she’d only spent $300,000N.T.s.  She’d stated, that the key to lowering the fares, is staying for free, at foreigners’ homes.  She’d signed up for the offerings of international free boarding organizations, “Servas”, became a member, and, in the eleven countries she’d gone to, for thirty-two days, she’d stayed at the houses of eleven members.  The members of this network had even provided the cab services, the city tours, it’d, cut her costs greatly.  The family she’d stayed with in Poland returned the visit, they’d come to stay at Hu’s home in Taiwan this year, “This, is the wonders that traveling by other ways can’t give you.”

not my picture still…

So, you really don’t need to have that much money, and you can still travel to a ton of exotic places in the world, you just need to know where to find the resources, that can help you save the money, like this woman did, and, she’d made a lot of new friends along the way too!


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