My Saved Memories

On a lost love, translated…

“Yup, I guess, we should, head out on the road for a bit.”

I took your hand, on the white sandy beach of the warmth of the winter, with the beach extending into the distance, I looked back over the footprints that led us to where we are, getting wiped away by the waves.  We’d gotten tired from walking, so we sat, shoulder-to-shoulder, and that location was just right, allowed us to soak our feet in, and not getting our clothes wet.

just like that, love, was, wiped clean…not my photograph…

Neither one of us spoke, with our fingers intertwining, that salted wind brushed against our faces, you’d touched my lips lightly, then, put your index finger into my mouth, as if, leaving that memory in your heart, but this romantic gesture became, this inerasable pain for me many years later, that photo, I’d still kept in my wallet, I’d wanted to, let go of the past, but, I’d still, chosen, to keep the memories, in the most important of places.

With you around, you’d become, my special tourist attraction; with you gone, it’d turned into, but a mere, unique memory that’s, saved, inside my pockets.

painting from online…

So here, although the love is gone, but the memory is still, very much alive, and, these two individuals were very much in love, they’d, shared many wonderful moments, and now, he’s left, with the memories of the wonderful past that continued, to haunt him, it’s, sad, truly…


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