The Passages in the Skies for Poetry

The crowd mentality here, translated…

I Feared, Falling into the Cliff of Poetry

a place such as this, overpopulated by the crowd, and hte nature, destroyed, as people would leave behind their TRASH, photo from online…

So, I’d Gotten on that Hot-Air Balloon, and Read Them through the Aerial Cameras

Looking Down on the Farm-Raised Poetry Like They Were Clams

In the Populated Poems, I’m Simply, a Tourist Who Bought a Ticket for Entrance

So, this still showed, the people’s mentality, how we’re all, prone to head to a place that the news stations reported on all at once, because it’s hot and new, with a total disregard, of how our presences all at once, might damage the wildlife or the things, the living organisms that lived there.  The selfishness of M-A-N!

before the crowd had arrived, now, picture this place, with the fishes going belly up, and trash all over the places!!!  Photo from online…


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