The Staff Working in the E.R., a Poem

How the hospital workers are now, standing

UP, to fight for their rights of lower pay, and long hours, translated…

I’d, Rolled up the Newspapers into a Long Stethoscope

Listened, for the Heart Beat of the E.R.

From the Severed Off Sentences, I’d, Leisurelyreadying themselves, for an assortment of situations, not my phootgraph…

Weighed & Measured the Values of Their Pains

So, this, is on the matter of how because the E.R. workers were overworked AND underpaid, they’d become dissatisfied with the systems, and started to walk off their jobs, and, not only are the patients taken into the E.R. in distress and pain, the workers in the hospitals are experiencing same sorts of strains on their minds, their paychecks too!

coming into contact with an assortment of emergency situations, photo from online…


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