Thoughts on Poetry

The criteria of deciding if something looked and felt right to us or not, translated…

standing close to the pieces, to see the brush strokes, one way of understanding the aesthetics…photo from online…

For a lot of people, “being unnatural” may be something that’s easily realized, or something that can be analyzed over.  But, what constitutes as “natural”?  We can’t seem to find the right descriptions for.

More often than not, I’d decided by one look, if a poem is bad; but, as I thumbed across a great poem, I can only just, recite it again, and again, and I can’t really tell you, why or how it’s, such a great poem.

discussing the pieces that we see, helps us define waht is beautiful to us…not my photo…

So, this is the differences in deciding what’s good and bad, because we are often very judgmental toward things we don’t like, that, is why we can pick out why something looks or feels awful to us, and because we’re used to things that makes us feel well, it’d become, harder, for us to state the reasons of why or how something is very good.


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