When & Where, Will I, Encounter that Love, that’s, Made for Just Me???

Yup, I’m, too god DAMN F***ING (and your point being???) TIRED, of just, sitting on my FAT ass (and no, the size of my A-S-S is……average-ish???), and waiting on this love that’s made, just for me, I’m going out, in search for it, but, where, oh where, do I start?  Underneath that ROCK in the garden, that’s too heavy for me alone, to lift up?  Or how about, up in that, tall, tall, TALL tree, where there’s, that NEST of predatory bird, huh?

like this?  Not my photograph!

When, and where, will I, encounter that love, that’s, made for just me, huh???  My last relationship (if you can call that that!) was from……let me think (me thinking here…)………(still thinking)………(see how long that was???), I can’t even recall now, and, frankly, I’m, so tired, of being alone!

When, and where, will I, encounter that love, that’s, made, just for me?  There’s, NO way of telling for sure, unless, you ARE, fate itself, which I know for SURE, that none of you is, so…and, all you can do, is hold on to the faith, that there is, someone that’s, just right for only you out there (in fact, I’d found, several of those MALES already, and, I’m, really looking forward to having my next pairs here!!!).  But, there’s, NO designated time or location, for when and where, you are, to “bump” into the man/woman, you’re, MEANT to love, and even if you’d found love right now (yes, at this very moment!), how can you be absolutely, certain, that s/he, won’t leave you, for the next dude of woman, that catches her/his eyes?  Maybe, you’re, just, a “REST stop” (no offense!) for the person, you just thought, that s/he was, the terminal station, oopsy, YOUR bad!!!

So, STOP looking for someone outside of YOUR god DAMN physical presence (yes, I’m talking TO, or AT you!), and just, start loving your selves, and, you know what the good thing about finding love in yourselves, FOR yourselves is?  No matter how big an argument the “two” of “you” get into, one will NEVER, abandon the other, hello, hello, hello?  You DO realize, how SELF LOVE, IS the best, AND only kind of love that you will ever have, right?  Uh-huh!!!

And, since, a long, long, long, long, long, L-O-N-G (5 longs, that should be, LONG enough???) time ago, I’d stopped giving a FUCK (yup, you’d heard THAT right!!!), who loves me, because I always and forever, will stay, forever faithful AND true, to Ms. Queen T-I-N-A…………

not my artwork, but that’s, EXACTLY what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!!!

Feel free, to comment on my OVERSIZED E-G-O if you want to, you KNOW how to get to me, just leave a message, after that BEEP, but, don’t expect me, to get back to you, anytime soon, or forever for that matter!


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