The Final Gift

Thoughts of missing you, how this woman passed the love she’d received from her grandmother, to her own young, translated…

“Grandma is dying, waiting for you to get married…”, I’d looked at my child, who’s no more than ten days old, and, those last words you’d spoken to me resonated in my mind.

I’d recalled that one-hundred days after your death, I sat on that chair covered in spots, and thought about how you were always, crying in those final years of your life.  Although you’d forgotten, what had happened to you for the parts of your life already, but you’d always remembered me, your youngest granddaughter, whom you had, helped raised up, as you heard my name, you’d started, grinning, ear to ear.

the gift of love 的圖片結果the gift of love…photo from online…

Then, the memories, they took me over, during kindergarten, I looked forward most to the time when you’d, picked me up from school, then, carrying me on your back, humming, all the way home; and, having you tell those tales that I can already recite forwards AND backwards, and when I didn’t have that, I’d found it hard, to fall asleep; whenever you’re there, I’d, needed you, to feed me; and you’d hated it so, that your youngest granddaughter was so very cute, and people kept telling you, how much I resembled you.

You’d looked after me in my childhood years well, and, I’d blamed myself, for not helping you wipe away those tears you’d, cried.

A short while ago, as I was cleaning up our shared home, I’d discovered in shock, that your health insurance card was, in the closet above my bed, thank you, for this last gift.  How have you been these couple of years?  Dad and I missed you more and more each and every day, I’d wanted to tell you, that I gave birth, to a child who looked a lot like me, and you too, and, just like the depth of love you’d, shown to me, I too, will love him, like you’d, loved me.

how close they were…not my art…

There’s, no greater way, to honor someone, by passing the love you’d received from the individual to your own young, and, this woman must’ve been really loved by her grandmother, that even after the death of her grandmother, she’d still recalled how much love they’d once shared, and, this woman was more than lucky, to have someone like that, an elder, who’d, loved her, unconditionally in her life, and now, she too will, pass this legacy of love to her own young.


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