Jack-O-Lantern, a Poem

Reflections of loneliness, translated…

Your Too Lonely, My Dear Jack

The World is So Vast, Yet, You’re, without a Place to Rest

Being Selfish, Getting Drunk, Playing Pranks: What Huge Errors Did You Make?

That There’s No Place for You in This World

despite how the light glowed on the inside, there’s, still that “hint” of loneliness…not my photo

You’re Too Lonely, Let Me Accompany You———

You’re Too Lonely, Allow Me to Accompany You———

Cut Open My Skull, Take Out My Flesh

Pierce Through My Skin, Allow the Light to Glow from Within

If You Don’t Mind, Allow Me to Accompany You

Allow Me, to be that Shimmering Light for You, in the Midst of Chaos

You Will Forever Be Young, While I Die Slowly

The Bugs Will Take Over, I Will Slowly, Rot Away………

If You Wear that Look of Disgust, I Won’t Blame You

jack-o-lantern animation 的圖片結果look how the light glowed from within…not my photo…

After All, I’m Not Even, as Worth as an Old Pair of Shoes, Can’t

Help You Travel Down this Hard Road Easier

You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, Dearest Jack

Loneliness, is Your Regret that’s, Closest to Any Form of Errors

It’s Okay, No Need to Look Back

Even as, this Desolate Plain Was So Filled by Loneliness

Without Even a Smallest Weed, You Still Have Me

Grinning Ear to Ear

Seeing You Off

There’s, that hint of loneliness in this one, and, the jack-o-lantern might be a persona of the poet, how he’d, felt at times in her/his life, when everybody misunderstands her/him, and, it hurts, to feel, all alone in the world, but the poet refused to desert Jack, which was a form of her/himself.


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