Another Lie Out of You

That’s IT!  I’d, HAD it with your L-I-E-S!

Another lie out of you, I will NEVER believe, I’d believed you, for too god DAMN long (at the expenses of ME!) already, and, it’s time, that I KNOCKED myself, OUT of this high-chair that I’d, sat in, for all these years on end.

yup, it’s, exactly like that!  Not my photo.

Another lie out of you, how long, can you, keep this up?  I’d, wanted to test that “theory” of mine, which was why, I hadn’t, BUSTED your stories Y-E-T?  And, I just, keep on, waiting for the day, you finally, TOLD me the truth, and yet, you just, keep on assuming (which makes you into???  Yeah, uh, we should ALL get THAT by now, shouldn’t we?) that I don’t know…

Another lie out of you, I won’t have it, I’m already, checked out, auf wiedersehen, adios, adieu, addio, sayonara, do svidaniya, au revoir, see ya, wouldn’t wanna BE ya! 

There will, NEVER be, another L-I-E out of you, because, you don’t exist in MY god DAMN world, and I still reside here, in this, big, ol’ world of mine, with me, myself, and I, and the “three of us”, are still, very much in L-O-V-E, feel free to see this as a Narcissistic RELAPSE if you will………

like this…not my picture…











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