Dreaming Together, a Poem

Finding the love you thought you’d lost again, translated…

Back Then, Promises Were, Easy

We Were, Prone to Make Them, Using Caffeine

Before We Parted

like this?  Not my photo…

We’d, Rummaged Through Both Our Coins

Selected Our Separate, Flavors of, Insomnia

Savoring What We’d, Shared in This Night

Then, We’d, Made Our Date

how it feels…not my picture…

There’s, that scent of, how these two people were still, connected, even as they’d parted ways, and, because love was still intact, that they’d either, grown or changed, so, they’d, split up, and after they split, and lived separately for a short while, they’d, decided, that they were, supposed to be together after all.  Reestablishing that lost love is what this is about, and sometimes, it’s, not as easy as making that connection again.












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