Not a Mama’s Boy, a Young Man Out of Difficult Environment Started Part-Timing, Worked His Way into a Manager

How these individuals became successes with their hardworking mannerisms, their stories are truly, inspiring!  From the Newspapers, translated…

Tien is a person who’s family was impacted by the huge earthquake on September 21, 1999, that night, his father died, being buried beneath the rubbles, back then, he was studying in the business high school, he’d injured his left foot in the quakes; he’d part-timed through school, from being on assistance provided by the government, to now, he’s a manager at a storage company, and married, he’d said, “keep living under the protections of the government, I won’t be able to make something of myself.”

Tien said, that after the quakes his family was under economic duress, his mother needed dialysis, his younger sister was in school, he’d transferred from the day programs to the night programs, worked at the Social Services unit of the government, and provided the manual labors, to pay off the debts, and he was paid, a thousand dollars than the minimum wage, but it was enough, to carry his whole family through.

After he managed to get into the night school department of Feng-Jia University, he was pressured by life, schoolwork, plus the social services provided an assortment of needed services, he’d put in the extra hours on the weekends voluntarily, because he didn’t want to fall behind on his workload.  After university, the social services department changed his status to a temp employee, but he’d decided, to “strike out on his own”, started working at the storage company at Nangang Industrial District.

Tien was excellent in computer, and worked diligently, three years later, he was promoted to a managerial position, two years ago when he’d set up his own company and got married, as he’d delivered the invitations to the Social Services Department where he used to work, the manager of the office, Lin said, “a young man like Tien, is truly amazing in that he wasn’t beaten by the circumstances, and made a name for himself.”

“Chun” who is currently a junior in college was raised by her grandparents, her mother left home, her father died early, she’d been receiving assistance from the Taiwan Fund for Children & Families.  She said, that her grandmother worked in janitorial jobs to raise up her and her younger brother, and after she got into college, she’d started, part-timing, worked at gas stations, convenience stores, and now, she’s working at a restaurant, back in high school, she’d envied how her classmates changed cell phones so often, how their parents would come and pick them up, drop them off, but as she saw her grandmother in her sixties going out to work, she’d sworn that she was going to make something of herself.  She said now she’s part-timing through college, and expected there to be no waiting period after she graduated, she’d planned to enter into the workforce, and become an office manager in five years, so her grandmother can work less.

The young woman, Hsu lost her father when she was just nine, her family lost the economic supports suddenly, she saw how hard it was as her mother got out early in the morning to work in the bakery, she’d vowed to get excellent in the finance.  She’d majored in the designs proposals, and after graduation, she’d partnered up with her mother, her boyfriend, and put together a total of $700,000N.T., went to the local areas closer to the university in Taichung, to set up a board game restaurant.

So, these are stories of how people from hard environments worked really hard, to break away from the poverty stricken backgrounds they grew up in, made something of themselves, and, they were successful, because they kept working hard toward a goal that they’d set for themselves, and this still showed, how working hard, is what gets you places!


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